P. Varkojis ir KO

Quality – The Guarantee For A Long Life

Quality – The Guarantee For A Long Life

Agnė LEKAVIČIENĖ, newspaper “Palangos tiltas”, 29 11 2011

JSC “P. Varkojis ir Ko“ started its operation in 1994. “Constant expansion and rapidly changing technologies create not only a high added value but also ensure jobs to 120 people. We have been trying to prove that we are the best for seventeen years already.

The production of the company i.e. wooden windows, doors, beds and small garden houses are welcomed not only by Lithuanians but also by Germans, Swedish, Norwegians, and English. Our company is introducing a new product, i.e. the pellets, which are clean, natural and environmentally friendly source of biofuel,” Jūratė Varkojienė said; the production of the company can be often seen in different exhibitions. Talking to her clients, Jūratė often emphasizes that trees are a part of the surrounding nature, “It is a material that radiates warmth and coziness. A person, whose environment is enriched with wood, shows the importance of real rather than apparent values.”

“Windows is a part of a building construction which performs most functions. A window keeps away cold, sound and wind, and lets light and fresh air in. Windows have major influence on the indoor climate. Our buyer can choose preferred window color, the type of insulating glass, safe window fittings, ventilation accessories and so on. Our manufactured windows and doors are painted with special paint that is eco-friendly, harmless, has good adhesion with wooden surface, allows the wooden windows to ‘breathe’, and does not crack at wood movement. Our windows are of two types: European standard and Scandinavian standard. European standard windows are adapted to Lithuanian micro climate. Their thermal conductivity is 0.87 W/(m²·K). Our company is the first one in Lithuania to manufacture 92 mm thick windows, which are very popular and valued by our clients,“ Mrs Jūratė rejoiced. The company “P. Varkojis ir Ko“ also produces unique quality doors. “We manufacture doors according to customer’s requirements, which are adjusted only to the client’s home and installed by our company workers. Interior doors are made from pine or ash tree,” J. Varkojienė listed.

The novelty of the company is the production of pellets to be used as fuel. “They are produced from spruce wood sawdust and pressed into small 8 mm in diameter cylindrical pieces. Pellet fuel is clean and eco-friendly. Pellet combustion does not produce any volatile or hazardous materials. When the pellets are burned, little ash remain as they are produced from high quality chips without bark or other waste. Their combustion does not clog the chimney nor furnace,” Mrs J. Varkojiene listed the advantages of pellets; she also emphasized that the maintenance of boilers used for pellets is no different from maintenance of the automatic gas boiler.

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