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Warm Windows Help To Save On Expenses

Warm Windows Help To Save On Expenses

Ugnė Šaltenytė, “Vakarų ekspresas”, January 2012. In autumn and winter, when harsh seaside winds start blowing through, one comes to the resolution to change the windows of an apartament with the new ones that keep the warmth inside better.

The JSC “P. Varkojis ir Ko,” which has a lot of experience in wood production, is ready to advice and offer a wide range of practical options.

The Advantages Of Laminated Veneer Lumber

, Warm Windows Help To Save On ExpensesGreat offer – three years ago, the company “P. Varkojis ir Ko” was the first one in Lithuania to start producing 92 mm thick windows, the thickness of the glazing unit was 48 mm. Till then the company has been producing another popular standard – 68 mm thick windows. However, as the manager of commerce Jūratė Varkojienė says, investing into production of 92 mm thick windows has become an important step forward, i.e. the new European standard windows quickly became popular among clients.

92 mm thick windows help to keep comfortable atmosphere at home: the window does not allow the summer heat in and does not release the inside warmth out in winter. It also adds to excellent sound insulation. Due to the rising fuel prices, heating of homes becomes a real headache. The so-called warm window becomes a very important aid in daily routine as among all its advantages it also helps to save money. Among the valued features there is four-layer laminated veneer lumber that is used in the production of windows. Such veneer lumber resists cracking, deformation and can withstand heavy loads.

From Paint To Accessories

Before becoming a part of a house or an apartment, windows are properly prepared. They are coated with the water-based ‘Becker Acroma’ paint, which creates an elastic resistant to cracking membrane that protects a window from the long-term atmospheric effects, prevents the penetration of moisture and mold, though at the same time it allows wood to ‘breathe’. In addition to some great protective features, there is a wide variety of colors that you can combine to your home interior and exterior. For these reasons, the 92 mm thick windows perfectly fit in the ‘passive houses’ which prove to be very efficient in the use of energy and heat insulation. Last detail – modern and functional accessories: the windows produced by “P. Varkojis ir Ko” are braced by bindings made by “Roto Frank AG” from Germany. In addition to this new standard for the Lithuanian market, for many years the company has been also producing another usual European standard, i.e. 68 mm thick windows.

Certified Products

, Warm Windows Help To Save On ExpensesThe JSC “P. Varkojis ir Ko” gained recognition abroad due to its produced Scandinavian standard windows. The products which have all the necessary certificates are gladly chosen not only for homes but also hotels and schools.

One of the characterisctics of the Scandinavian type windows is that they open to the outside; therefore due to the design features they are especially suited for harsh weather conditions. These windows are called the ‘quietest’ and the warmest and is a unique accent to the log house, cottage or sauna. Different configurations of Scandinavian windows from Lithuania are exported to Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

The company “P. Varkojis ir Ko” also produces a variety of furniture; their beds and chests of drawers are especially popular in Germany. The garden houses are exported to Holland, Germany and England; exterior and interior doors made from different kinds of wood are valued in Lithuania.

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