, What Kind Of Windows And Doors To Choose?

What Kind Of Windows And Doors To Choose?

What Kind Of Windows And Doors To Choose?

ATHP (Association of Timber House Producers) has unambiguous recommendation – choose wooden windows. Plastic windows are not suitable for a log house not only due to their appearance, but also due to a variety of wood and plastic physical properties. Since manufacturers in Lithuania today offer different kinds of wooden windows, it is very important to make the best choice.

Wooden window frames “breathe” and together with log walls of a house ensure healthy indoor climate. They are antistatic, covered with flexible paint or organic impregnants and weather resistant transparent water-based varnish that is durable and resistant to moisture. In addition, modern design solutions for windows are leak-proof and ensure low heat loss; also, strong fittings allow the production of various sizes and shapes of windows and doors that do not get distorted in the long run. Wooden windows are eco-friendly, have aesthetically pleasing look and decorate home interior and exterior.

Scandinavian or European type windows? European and Scandinavian type windows are currently the main types of windows manufactured in Lithuania. Scandinavian type wooden windows are very popular in Northern Europe and the UK where strong winds prevail. Differently from the European style windows, they open to the outside, and thus in windy weather are better pressed against the frame which increases their tightness. Another advantage of these windows – free windowsills. European type windows open inwards, but all the other parameters (timber and construction quality), as well as Scandinavian type windows, meet the high EU standards. Of course, that is if you choose reliable manufacturers. Making the right choice is not easy because currently in Lithuania windows are manufactured in garages or in large companies which invest in modern production lines. In order to choose well it is essential to look up all information about the company that produces the desired good; find out how long the company is in the market, what kind of reputation it has, and check if the company producing the windows posses a certificate of quality.

Novelty – 92 mm Thick European Windows

, What Kind Of Windows And Doors To Choose?The window manufacturer JSC “P. Varkojis ir kompanija” can be listed among the larger Lithuanian window manufacturers. Taking into account the new EU requirements for energy efficiency in buildings, the company produces European-standard Scandinavian and European style windows. It is the first company in Lithuania to produce a new 92 thick European-standard window. Due to the exceptional technical and engineering solutions, these windows perfectly keep the heat at home; they also are eco-friendly and durable. The following complex of tools used in the construction of the window determine the good thermal conductivity ratio of the window:

  • Composed of 3 glasses, 48 mm thick glazing unit, where two panes are selective;
  • Thick – 92 mm window frame;
  • Mounting straps and other specific sealing materials in the construction of the window;
  • Specialists of the company install windows themselves, because the installation has a significant impact on the quality of the window warmth;
  • The company gives a long-term guarantee for the manufactured and installed windows.

Presented is a thick warm window, which practically corresponds even to the standards of the “Passive house” (such name they got in Scandinavian countries, where they are now diligently built; they loose little heat and thus minimize the heating, water heating and similar costs). The thickness of the glazing unit of 92 mm window is 48 mm. The coefficient for thermal transmittance is U*=0.5 W/(m²·K) (*The coefficient U is one of the most important parameters of the window. It shows the amount of heat per hour going outside through 1 square meter of the window at the difference between the inside and outside temperature of 1K or 1ºC. Thus, the lower the ratio, the less heat energy is needed to heat the building, the smaller heat loss of structures, less fuel burned, lower emission of pollutants get into the atmosphere, less expensive building maintenance.), the thermal transmittance coefficient of the window itself is U*=0.87 W/(m²·K). To compare, the 68 mm thick window thermal transmittance coefficient is 1.6 W/(m²·K). The thickness of the window did not increase twice as much but the heat transfer coefficient doubled. The price of such windows is only 10-15 per cent higher than of 68 mm thick windows. A small difference in price pays off very quickly – heating rates are significantly reduced after installing the warm windows.

One of the main advantages of the wooden windows manufactured by JSC “Varkojis ir Ko” along with natural materials being used is that they are produced from toothed wood lumber that are cut using radial cutting method by the company itself. Beams for the warm window is glued from 4 layers. This leads to a much better thermal conductivity. All the wood used by the company is carefully selected, dried, and processed using advanced technology. Frames from the outside can be braced by aluminum profile according to the chosen RAL color. Such windows serve for indeed a very long time, they do not need repainting, and  beautiful wood patterns can be seen from the inside. We use two gaskets, window frames and sash bases covered with aluminum profile.

The company in Kretinga, established in 1994, currently employs more than one hundred professionals. It has presented its products in more than 15 exhibitions. A part of the production is exported to Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, England, Russia, and Ukraine. Nevertheless, a large part of the production is presented to the Lithuanian client. The company produces not only the wooden windows, garden houses, facade systems and furniture but also exterior and interior doors.


Formation of embrasures is also very important. Therefore, even during the building process, after installing warm windows, it is very important to insulate and efficiently organize the window embrasures.

Wooden Doors Will Server For Many Years

Doors from wood look rather luxurious, solid and comfortable. While due to the use of modern technology master imitations of wooden doors are made, they will not be as durable as the ones made from real wood. Wooden doors are offered by many local companies. What are the important things to consider for a buyer looking for a high quality product?

One of the most important quality criteria – that the doors are made of laminated wood. These products are best protected from cracking and deformation. In addition, it is important to note if the wood has been properly dried. Its moisture content should not be higher than 8 per cent. Setting wood moisture is difficult for a specialist; nevertheless, one should take the responsibility to ask the manufacturer how the material was prepared. If the proper moisture balance is not maintained, the doors will dramatically “walk” and get distorted. During the heating period when the air becomes drier the wood dries out; however, with the end of the heating season when it becomes more humid – the doors expand. If the matterial is well dried and glued together, the changes will be hardly felt. If it becomes uneasy to use the doors, this situation can be changed easily by fixing hinges. It is hardly impossible to avoid wood movement, still, wood may move in a way that does not bring inconvenience to human life.

Perhaps the largest part of the wooden doors price depend on the used material. The cheapest material is pine, among the most expensive materials are oak and mahogany. Also, the price can be higher depending on other door elements such as locks, handles, glass or stained glass or other décor details.

The interior doors of natural wood can be varnished, stained or painted. It will also determine the final cost; for example, varnished doors are less expensive than painted ones. The manufacturers of wooden doors are able to get different hues, so it will not be difficult to adjust the color tone to the overal colors of interior. Transparent varnishes and wood preservatives enable to highlight the texture of the wood. It is adviced to use some wood stain for pine doors; as a result, such doors will not be affected by the sun rays and will not get any redness.

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