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Interior Doors

Interior doors are manufactured of pine, ash, and alder wood. The doors are painted, stained, or oiled depending on the prefered colors.  According to the customer’s request, we can get any wood shade. The doors may have German regulated hinges or unregulated hinges. We may also place the client’s lock into the doors. In line with the perimeter of the jamb a gasket is mounted.


The doors can be glazed to match the window color. Insulating glass is put into exterior, interior and toilet doors.

Door Design

The door consists of jambs and sash. The sash is a frame in which the panes of a door are set with or without decorative straps. Door sash is manufactured with a seam; door gasket is built up in the jamb. This ensures that the door is tight and has good sound insulation.

The jambs

are made of 80-120mm in width or widened to match the thickness of walls. The doors or windows are available in both rectangular and arched shapes.

Doors may or may not have a threshold. Modern technologies allow manufacturing the doors of any shape and size.

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