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Eurostandard Windows (68 mm)

Windows is an important element of any building. The proportions of window openings, the ratio of window and wall panes, window dividing the inner and outer facade become tools for home design.

Timber is a natural material that has been used for construction over centuries. The advantages of natural timber are numerous: high strength, low heat, high cold-resistance, ease of handling, environmental friendliness, and an attractive appearance. It is chemically resistant to acids, salts and alkalis.

A tree is the symbol of nature that surrounds us. It radiates warmth and comfort. People who surround themselves with wood show that they value real rather than apparent values. Tree breathes, absorbs from or emits moisture to the environment. Due to these characteristics, wood creates a uniquely comfortable environment.

Because of high quality requirements for wooden windows, using advanced technologies a new generation of wooden windows has been created: wood processing is modified, wood drying is computer controlled, the windows are made of three-layer waterproof glue laminated veneer lumber.  Window profile has been replaced: instead of a double window frame with a separate glass, a single window frame with glass is used. Two gaskets are mounted in the window sash. To protect windows from atmospheric effects an entirely new paint system applied to wooden surfaces has been created. Modern fittings are mounted to provide easy opening of the window, turn the window over for ventilation and adjust it during its operation.

Windows is the building construction that performs most functions. The window should keep away cold and wind, should transmit light and let fresh air in. Windows have huge influence on the indoor climate. It is hard to imagine many parts that compose a window: the jamb, frames, glass or insulating glass, hinges, handles, vents, fittings, insulation and sealing matterials.

Nowadays, a buyer, considering the window operating area, can choose from the desired window color, the type of insulating glass, safe window fittings, ventilation accessories, etc.

Wood Beams

, Eurostandard Windows (68 mm)

Beams are produced using the highest quality pine wood. The most important indicator of their quality is a strictly maintained and technologically permissible moisture content. To obtain the good and long-term wood quality the most advanced technology is being used, optimal conditions for the preparation and storage are created. Prepared beams are stored in a dry, well-ventilated area where the permanent control of the moisture content in the air is being controlled constantly.

These types of wood – a three-layer glued beams – are extremely strong and resistant to deformation. It is glued by three separate blocks – radial cutting boards by using a moisture-resistant adhesive. Such beams have no branches. Such beams do not have even the minimum opportunities to bend, rotate and split lengthwise.

Glued wood beams are used in a high load capacity construction. These are the wide range of supports, beams, massive arched or overlay design. Thus, the possibilities to use the laminated veneer lumber  are unlimited. Using three layers of laminated wood in the manufacture of windows and doors ensure their resistance to deformation, and the outer layers of the radial or semi-radial cutting protect the surface of windows or doors from cracking.

Timber manufactured in following ways is used:

  • glued 3-layers of jointed pine (removing branches, resin, small splits)
  • glued 3-layers of solid pinewood (a tree part without branches, resing nor cracks is being chosen).

Wooden Window And Door Painting

, Eurostandard Windows (68 mm)

Wooden doors and windows are painted with paint that protects the wood from changing its color under the influence of solar and atmospheric effects, has no odor, is resistant to moisture and alkali, has  high adhesive properties and can serve for many years without maintenance. These coatings allow wood to “breathe”, which helps to retain its natural properties, a positive effect on people. They are resilient and do not respond to frequent temperature fluctuations. Wood preparation for painting and painting itself consists of several stages. Impregnation is carried out by the wiping way. After that the wood becomes resistant to moisture, rot and pests. After impregnation gets dry, the surface is thoroughly sanded, primed twice, after every primer it is sanded and painted with a high-pressure units. The paint has dried to form a thick dry and elastic film. In the process of varnishing, the wood is impregnated, floored and varnished twice with transparent varnish. You can choose color in accordance with the RAL, and the “Becker Acroma” color palettes. Clear acrylic lacquer highlights the natural wood structure emphasizing its natural beauty. The wooden box outside and inside can be painted in different colours.

Wooden box and its interior can be painted differently:

  • lacquered – stained on both sides;
  • one side is lacquered, the other one – painted;
  • painted on both sides;
  • each side of the window is painted with a different color.

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