P. Varkojis ir KO

About us

JSC “P. Varkojis ir Ko” started its operations in 1994. Over the years at the development of production and technology, the staff has grown to 110 workers. For more than 30 years, the company has been producing high-quality wooden windows, doors, beds and wooden garden houses. The company presented its products in more than 20 exhibitions. We produce a variety of sizes and configurations European (EURO 68, EURO 92) and Scandinavian (opening to the outside) windows and doors. All matterials used are certified and comply with their requirements. European and Scandinavian type windows are made from pine wood. Wood blanks are of glued lumber; therefore, there is less deformation of timber shrinkage and expansion, also, there is less probability of distortion, cracks and crevices. Pine wood blanks can be finger-jointed or non finger-jointed. Products can be manufactured according to European (inside), and also Scandinavian (out) standards depending on customer’s request.

  • European standard products are from laminated wood (pine). Thickness of the design is of 68 mm and 92 mm;
  • European standard products are from laminated wood (pine). Jamb thickness is 115 mm and pivoted part thickness is of 68 mm;
  • Timber humidity 12 ± 3 %;
  • For wood finishes the Swedish manufacturing paint Becker Aroma is used. Thickness of paint is 90 ÷ 120 microns (dry film);
  • Thermal conductivity coefficient U from 1.6 to 0.87 w/m²K (depending on the design, opening type, and glass type);
  • The level of standard product sound insulation is of 33 Db (changind the type of glass units, product design could differ);
  • Hinges and latches of European standard windows is ROTO NT;
  • Scandinavian standard products hinges and forniture IPA.

Large part of production is exported to Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, England, Russia, and Ukraine. However, a large part of the production is delighted by Lithuanian customers.

Currently, Italian equipment is used in company’s manufacturing process. Swedish paint and varnishes ensure durability and longevity of the production. During a month, the company produces 1000 sq meters of windows, up to 100 doors, 200 beds and 400 garden houses.

Certificate Of Conformity

Production Process

Exhibition “INDIVIDUAL CONSTRUCTION 2011” April 27-30

Exhibition “INDIVIDUAL CONSTRUCTION 2012” April 19-22

Exhibition “RESTA 2015” April 22-25

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