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Scandinavian 82mm thick wooden windows

Scandinavian 82mm thick wooden windows

There is a need for wooden windows with high thermal insulation properties for new energy-class buildings in Scandinavia. Upon modernizing the production with a new generation CNC processing centre, the production of 82 mm thick window has begun. A warm, modern wooden window with the opening towards the outside meets all the requirements of the Scandinavian market. Due to the modern production technology and innovative equipment, we can offer individual wooden window solutions: non-standard sizes and unusual shapes of wooden windows. The minimal style profile of the window fits perfectly in modern architecture and interior. To increase tightness, a wind proof brush is installed, which removes the main water-air pressure to the main gasket, therefore such window resists perfectly even in the most unfavourable conditions. Danish MILA, IPA manufacturers’ fittings are being used for fitting. To extend the durability of the windows, the windows are fitted with German Gutman aluminium fittings from the outside.

Technical characteristics of the window:

  • Window frame thickness 118mm, sash thickness 82mm;
  • Glass package 48mm thick;
  • Thermal conductivity U = 0.8 W/m2K; 0.74 W/m2K (Result obtained by testing in the notified laboratory of construction physics of KTU Institute of Architecture and Construction)

These top quality certified wooden windows are made of durable and ecological materials. The surface of the window frame is covered with eco-friendly materials that meet the highest standards, which are durable and environmentally friendly.

Our products are certified by the Construction Products Certification Centre, which acts according to the requirements of the legislation and standards of the Republic of Lithuania and Europe.

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