Pellets from Lithuania

Pellets from Lithuania

Since no chemical additives or adhesives are used in production of pellets, it is eco-friendly fuel. They are made 100 % of wood. To this date, of all eco-friendly fuels, pellet fuel is the type of fuel that protects environment the best. Fuel pellets are produced from debarked wood chips, shavings and chips that are milled, dried, and formed into 8 mm cylindrical pieces. No additives nor adhesives are used in production of pellets. They are completely made of wood.

Pellets are clean, natural and completely harmless to the environment source of biofuel. The pelleds are made from sawdust, sunflower husk, different straw and wood shavings, which are milled, dried and pressed into 8 mm diameter cylindrical shaped small pieces. Pellet fuel is an ecological and environmentally friendly fuel produced from renewable sources of energy. Pellet combustion produce almost no volatile or hazardous materials. The kilowatt -hour of thermal energy production from wood pellets costs about 11 cents. It is only a little more than the price of firewood.


Wood pellets research:

  • Calorificvalue kJ /kg 17615
  • Sulfur 0.06 %
  • Moisture 7.1 %
  • Ash content 0.41 %


  • Suitable for use in boiler rooms and private homes
  • Long burning time
  • High energy value
  • Low ash content
  • Convenient use
  • Takes up little space
  • Can be used as pet litter
  • Convenient transportation

What are the benefits of heating with pellets?

Heating with pellets is cheaper

Different types of wood pellets is a kind of local fuel, so the price does not depend from the importer’s self-will. In addition, biofuels are cheaper than liquid fuel, so the house can be heated efficiently.

Heating with pellets is more convenient

If homes are heated with wood pellets, the maintenance of the boiler maintenance is very similar to the maintenance of automatic gas boiler. Pellet boilers have several useful functions: working without a break, even at the end of the main fuel it lits and automatically removes ash, heat intensity can be determined by a few buttons, or automatically when the room temperature changes.

Fuel diversity

Boilers designed to burn pellets can stoke various types of biofuels: wood pellets, grain, wood chips and so on.

We sell the highest quality 8 mm wood pellets packed approximately by 17 kg. Price – 165 Eur/t. We offer different amounts. Our largest number of customers is from towns and districts of Klaipėda, Palanga, Kretinga, and Plungė.

To find out price please contact:

Vaidotas Varkojis
Tel.: 8 650 787 49

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